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Fill Your Availability With The Right Talent

Concert booking is grossly inefficient for musicians, venues, agents, and managers. We fixed this.

Send Availability Notifications To The Talent You Want

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Step 1

Venues update the available dates they need to book.

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Step 2

Agents & musicians receive notifications to expedite the booking process.

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Step 3

Discover touring artists looking to play in your area with matching availability.

Booking Preferences & Auto-Reply

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Web Dashboard

Easily manage conversations and availability through mobile or web app.

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Booking Preferences

List your booking preferences and we'll show you matching touring artists.

Musicians see your preferences and automated tools make responding or requesting more info simple.

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Concerts That Come To You

We offer all of our venue tools to small businesses and house concerts, allowing them to participate in the concert industry like never before.

Free For Venues & Musicians

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What Else Is Included?
  • Verified professional music industry database
  • Artist EPK, Profiles, Messaging, and Community
  • Tour visualizations of artists coming to your town
  • Artist availability database
  • Optional ticketing platform
  • 100% free for Musicians and Venues
  • SHOWX is the industry leading tool that matches the supply and demand of concert tour scheduling.