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SHOWX is a fun, powerful platform that gives musicians control of ticketing.

It is also a community of peers who together are facing great adversity, and have a growing collective voice with SHOWX.

We believe that many of the problems that musicians are facing have a common solution:

An organized network of musicians and venues working together.



Find More Opportunities To Perform

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  • Get notified when venues have availability

  • Find opportunities to collaborate with other touring musicians

  • Sell tickets directly to your fans

  • 100% free

    Fill Your Availability With The Right Talent

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  • Fill availability quickly and efficiently

  • De-risk booking; artists take the risk on themselves

  • Find quality touring musicians

  • 100% free
  • Past Shows & Press

    01-a Concert Nicole Atkins
    02 Concert Jonathan Russell
    03 Concert Iqram and the Immigrant Groove
    04 Concert Jacob Miller
    05 Concert 2 The Apricots
    06 Concert The Last Real Circus
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