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Concert booking is grossly inefficient for musicians, venues, agents, and managers. We fixed this.

Source Venue Availability Immediately

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Step 1

Musicians draw the area they are looking to perform.

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Step 2

Venues update the available dates they need to book.

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Step 3

Musicians receive notifications to expedite the booking process.

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Tour Routing Visualizations

Musicians share visualizations of where they are performing to venues and other touring musicians while they are still in the booking process, revealing opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be apparent, creating concerts that otherwise would not be possible.

Collaborate With Our Community

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Step 1

Musicians build their tour, listing what's available and what's confirmed.

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Step 2

Venues discover musicians touring near them with matching dates.

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Step 3

Musicians discover other musicians touring near you for potential co-bills.

Free For Musicians

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What Else Is Included?
  • Agents, Management, and Labels reviewing artists career progress
  • Artist EPK, Profiles, Messaging, and Community
  • Tour Planning Tools
  • Venue availability database
  • 100% free
  • SHOWX is the industry leading tool that matches the supply and demand of concert tour scheduling.