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Introducing Daisy Chains

AI Tour Route Predictions

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Predictive Booking & Routing

We are currently training our algorithm that recommends touring artists to venue bookers matching the preferences that they set, including availability, expected draw, and social and streaming traction.


Group Threads

Our community of over 250 venues have curated 12 active group threads connecting venues across their region of similar capacity and programming that don't compete. They receive recommendations from SHOWX of artists that are appropriate for their cohort, matching the preferences the venues have in common.

Early Data

95% of artists selected are getting offers from at least one venue immediately. It turns out that if venues that don't compete and share a relative capacity, they like working together and want a way to simplify discovering new talent.



Complete the submission form below, you will be notified before your artist is recommended on a daisy-chain and then immediately connected to the venue. SHOWX is 100% free and we do not get involved in any negotiations. All artists recommended must have SHOWX profiles.


We give musicians their own ticketing platform, direct ownership of their first-party fan data along with the largest network of venues that let musicians control ticketing.


Musicians need to be able to get the email data of the fans that buy their tickets - the lifetime value of this information is worth magnitudes more than the price of the ticket. Musicians are blocked from having this information so they remain beholden to promoters making it much harder for artists to build sustainable careers.

Since 2020, SHOWX has been the leading company creating awareness for this problem and building a long term solution. Along the way we built the most advanced system that matches the supply and demand of concert industry touring.

And we're just getting started.



We recommend selected artists to Daisy Chains by date range in an entire region. Venues will reply directly to the SHOWX profile we share. SHOWX does not have any part of the negotiations and is free to use.